Containerized Housing and Container House - IDS (Interntional Disaster Services)

International Disaster Services (IDS) is a Georgia-based company that specializes in mobilizing on-demand housing, support structures, and temporary utilities in disaster situations. IDS provides a full range of service options, including installation, delivery, and additional services, including portable waste management systems.

IDS has developed a broad range of emergency solutions for potentially threatening disaster scenarios. Disaster Relief Units (DRUs) are customized for deployment as military barracks, family housing, administrative control centers, and mobile medical facilities. Additional models can be designed and built in short order to meet special needs.

Our Products

Containerized Housing and Container Houses

Containerized housing has become a popular alternative to traditional home building. Because container houses are manufactured in environments that can be controlled, containerized housing units are reliable and standardized. At IDS, we offer container houses that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our container houses can be built to your specifications and we are able to ship nearly anywhere in the world.

Plus, because container homes are assembled, rather than constructed, having your new home completed is a fast and simple process. Containerized housing offers all of the amenities of a traditional home including spacious rooms, functional kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. IDS container homes can be built to blend into the existing landscape or scenery and we make it easy to find a plan that fits your needs.