Garden Center & Auto Repair Examples

Include on selling, buddy selling, associated selling, suggestive selling. No matter what name we provide to it, it works.

I was advised of this not long ago when my colleague, Jan Collins, was doing some training for a group of garden centers.

Jan had the challenging job of enhancing the sales skills of this effective group of garden centres. According to the most important skill you can develop for gardening business success is marketed.  She started with a night workshop for all the employees to cover in fundamental terms the key selling abilities. This was going to be subsequented by one to one coaching with all of the employee in the outlets of this group of garden centres.


Mobile Mechanics – 5 Ways to Tell the ‘Hot’ From the ‘Not’

mobile mechanic san antonio txThere are plenty of mobile mechanic services available, throughout the world. The reason that many of these operators exist is that they can work out of a home garage, doing car services and repairs with a fraction of the overheads that companies that have a shop have. It can be a little hard to believe that something so convenient is actually worthwhile – and yes, there have been cases where people have been burned by sub-standard operators. So, today we’re looking at how to tell the good mobile mechanics from the bad. Here are the top 5 real, concrete signs that your mobile mechanic is an industry expert and car professional.

1. Willing to provide a written quote up-front

In fact, this is actually a trait of all good mobile mechanics. If your mobile auto repairer has a wide experience in major makes and models, doing car repairs and services of all different types, then they can accurately estimate how long a job will take. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your liabilities will be at the end of the job, and is a prerequisite of all good mobile car mechanics.

2. Good communication skills

By this, we don’t mean that your mechanic tells you his life story in a poetic and dramatic manner … we mean that he is able to clearly communicate the problem to you, and support his diagnosis with visual examples where it’s possible. For example, “Look at how gunky the spark plugs are – the reason it wouldn’t start is because there was no spark to ignite the fuel”. Your 24 hour mobile mechanic should communicate to you things like:

o Why the problem occurred
o How the problem occurred
o The extent of the damage to your system
o What needs to be done to make your car driveable
o What will need to be done in the short, medium and long term to ensure your car stays in good working order
o How you can fit repairs in with your budget – they will create a priority schedule for you.


3. They offer a warranty

Professional, expert mobile mechanics will always offer a warranty. The best will give an equal warranty on all parts and labour, of up to 12 months or 20,000 kilometres. If you choose a nationwide brand, then your warranty can be honoured no matter what your location if there is ever a problem. Additionally, you know you’ve found a good mobile mechanic when they trust your opinion when you ring for a warranty claim, and remain completely solution-focused (no blame storming!).

Many mobile mechanics can also repair and service new cars without affecting the dealer’s statutory warranty.

4. No travel time charges

Mobile mechanics already save on overheads by not having a workshop – but they necessarily incur travel costs with that business model. A reliable, reputable company won’t charge you for the travel time to get to your vehicle – they’ll include it as part of their business expenses.

5. They offer regular servicing as well as repairs

If your mobile mechanic is there for you in the happy times when all your car needs is a look-over to keep her going, as well as in the stressful breakdown times, you know you’ve found one worth keeping!

mobile mechanic near meBonus: They’ll tell you how to keep yourself safe before they arrive
A significant proportion of car repairs performed by mobile mechanics are on the side of the road. A good one will give you some pointers on how to keep yourself and the car safe in the time before they arrive, which may include:

o Getting as far off the road as possible
o Locating the nearest cross street to help the mechanic with navigation
o Keep your mobile phone turned on and preserve the battery buy not making calls
o Park your car under a street light if possible, if the breakdown occurs at night.
o Stay with your car

Does a Mobile Car Mechanic Do Real Repairs?

Here’s a common question you hear when looking for roadside help: Does a mobile car mechanic do “real” repairs? Or does the technician just complete the simplest repair possible in the hopes the car can be driven to a local car service shop for a “real” repair? Do you find yourself wondering if you will actually end up paying more than necessary because the mobile car mechanic is really a towing expert and not a true mechanic?

It’s true that the early days of mobile car repairs involved mostly flat fire fixing, battery jumping, or towing. But that was emergency service and not auto repair service. There is an enormous difference between the two. Emergency service is intended to get your car to the nearest service centre for a more complete repair. A mobile car mechanic, on the other hand, is a full service technician who brings the repair shop to your car location.

best mobile mechanic in San Antonio TXIn an emergency repair, the bare minimum may be done depending on your goal. When you schedule mobile car service, on the other hand, the goal is to get your car repaired as if you had taken it to the local car service centre.

Major and Minor Repairs

Diagnostic technology and technician training has made it possible to take the repair shop on the road so to speak. It used to be that serious car repairs had to be completed inside a well equipped auto shop because large equipment was required for testing purposes. Repairs may or may not need elaborate equipment.

Computerisation today has made it possible to do the same kind of diagnostic testing on cars in the field that had to be done inside repair shops previously. When diagnostic ability is combined with mobile mechanic expertise, there is no doubt there are very real repairs that can be done efficiently onsite.

o Brakes
o Electrical
o Air Conditioning
o Suspension
o Gear Box
o Cooling or Radiator
o Cylinder Heads
o Exhaust
o Engine Repairs
o General Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Mobile car mechanics can complete complex car repairs wherever you car is located. For example, fuel injectors can be repaired; brake master cylinders replaced; air conditioner compressors replaced; or catalytic converters installed. You can get a new alternator installed; have an electrical short identified and eliminated; get engine diagnostic testing; or get your horn fixed. Real repairs that go far beyond flat tires and dead batteries are handled by mobile car mechanics.

The Reality of “Real”

When your car breaks down, a “real” repair suddenly becomes anything that gets your vehicle running again. Replacing a dead battery can seem very real when you’re late for an appointment. But today’s professional mobile mechanics are experts in using the latest technology to make complicated repairs to your car engine and wiring.

The modern mobile mechanic can handle the most complex mechanical problem that once required leaving your car at a service shop for days. It’s a new technological age that has led to complicated field repairs you can schedule at your convenience.

What are “real” are the high quality on-site auto repair services you can schedule by calling a mobile mechanic.

Why Use a Mobile Auto Mechanic

mobile mechanic san antonio TX prosIt’s never a good day when you go out in the morning, ready for work, and your car doesn’t start. It’s also not a good day when you pack up all the groceries in the car, get in and turn the key, and nothing happens. Most of us have had a car break down at one time or another, and it is never a pleasant experience. Regular maintenance will help keep automobiles in good shape, but our hectic lives often make it difficult to take a car into the mechanic’s shop.

Seeking out the services of a mobile auto mechanic is helpful for those who lead hectic lives or when your car breaks down in a location which makes it difficult or costly to get it to a auto mechanic’s shop. As our world gets busier and more hectic, the role of the mobile auto mechanic will get bigger and more important.

By using the services of a mobile auto mechanic, you can save valuable time. After a long day at work, no one wants to make the day even longer by stopping at the auto shop for an oil change or some needed repairs. Who wants to wait in a smelly waiting room, reading old magazines, and watching the clock while the mechanic works on your car? By using a mobile mechanic, you can make an appointment, pull the car in to your drive way and let the mechanic work magic on your car while you go inside and relax in front of the television.

Another benefit of using a mobile mechanic is the cost. Though they have to travel to your location and spend money on gas, they don’t have the costs of rent to absorb in to their profit. Without these high overhead costs, they are free to charge less for their services. Though they do not work in a shop, most mobile mechanics are certified and many carry some type of insurance. The vast majority of them are reputable and honest, and offer guarantees on their work.

Mobile mechanic San Antonio provide a wide range of automotive repair services, from oil changes to carburetor work, to brake repairs. Most of them perform regular maintenance and one-time repairs. Another benefit of using a mobile mechanic is that you can build a rapport, as you will usually be dealing with the same person each time, unlike at a shop where you may get a different mechanic each time. Mobile mechanics are the perfect solution for auto repair in a hectic, fast-paced world.

Mobile Car Service & Automotive Repairs

mobile mechanic croydonAuto Wizard Mobile Mechanic is an Australian mobile automotive service company based in Narre Warren, in the south east of Melbourne. We specialise in mobile mechanical repairs and servicing of cars, as well as mobile emergency repairs. Auto Wizard Mobile Mechanic croydon will come to your home or office, at the time of your convenience, and service or repair your vehicle, without you having to drive it to a workshop!

Why Auto Wizard?

supreme convenience – we come to you!
40 years experience
friendly and fully qualified mechanics
latest technology equipment
safety check and tune up include with every major service.
Auto Wizard Services

light mechanical repairs of cars, vans, utes and 4WD of all makes and models
automotive tuning, servicing and maintenance
log book servicing
emergency breakdown repairs
no-start calls – battery replacements & starter motor repairs
brakes repairs
pre-purchase vehicle inspections.
Auto Wizard Mobile Mechanic is based in Narre Warren and services our valued clients throughout the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, between Brighton, Doncaster, Ringwood, Pakenham and Frankston.

Click here for contact information.

Mobile Bicycle Repair

Mobile Bicycle Repair Service

Beeline Bikes brings their mobile bike shop to the Stanford campus on a monthly basis for students, faculty, and staff to get a bike tune-up in an easy and convenient way.  Their mobile bicycle repair service is second to none.  This is a pilot program to make it more convenient for the campus community to maintain safe bikes.

beeline bike repair station

How does this work? Easy:

  1. You must sign up online for a tune-up to reserve your space
  2. On the day of service, bring your bike to the mobile shop. Beeline’s mechanic will assess your bike and provide you with a detailed quote.
  3. When it’s done, Beeline Bikes will text you, so you can pick up and pay. All major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Prices: A full tune-up is only $59.99 (25% off the normal price), and all parts, accessories, and other bike services are 10% off regular prices.

Monthly hours and location: The mobile shop opens at 8:30 a.m. in the Maples Parking Lot (L-93)
340 Bonair Siding (adjacent to the Parking & Transportation Services Office) and will remain there until all bikes are tuned up.

Questions? Email or call 1–855–58-BIKES (1-855-582-4537).

Mc Mobile Mechanic Servicing Melbourne

mobile mechanic MC Mobile Mechanic have been providing mobile mechanic services in Melbourne since 2007. From a small, localised service, we now service most of greater metropolitan Melbourne.

Imagine the convenience of having your car serviced at home or at your work. Our fully qualified mobile mechanics come to you, so you can get on with the important things in your life.

You can have faith in our competent, skilled team of mechanics. Whether you are getting a log book service, roadside assistance, or work on your auto electrics, all our workmanship is guaranteed.

We do all this for all makes and models of cars, at the lowest prices in Melbourne. Once you see the experience, quality, and convenience of using MC Mobile Mechanic essendon services, you will forget about ever having to drive to a mechanic again.

Call MC Mobile Mechanics to arrange a service on 0402 085 770



Understanding The Need For Car Maintenance

It can be very frustrating having to deal with car trouble. But this is one reality that vehicle owners will have to deal with at some point. You will find that vehicles are subject to wear and tear. The longer you have been driving these cars around, the more likely it is that you might end up with a car that might break down while you are on the road. This is also the reason why it matters immensely that you invest enough to get your vehicle serviced and maintained as often as necessary.

There are all kinds of maintenance that need to be carried out if your intent at ensuring that you are keeping your vehicle in the best shape. It could just be a simple cleaning of the exteriors. It could mean changing oils, it could mean installing new tires it could mean a total overhaul as well. Regardless, it is very important that you will find a provider that is going to extend to you the kind of service needs that you are looking for.

While there are an o lot of people that choose to do the car servicing their own it is always best to rely on the services f the experts when it comes to getting your vehicle kept in its peak shape. Expert service centers tend to have their very own trained employees along with the right resources and tools to use. They can get the maintenance carried out more efficiently and they can get the process done a lot faster as well.

When getting car maintenance, see to it that the engine gets checked. It needs to be serviced regularly considering it is the heart of the vehicle. You would want to end up with a busted engine when you are driving around or you will and up with a busted, useless car. Keeping it maintained means that it is kept up to speed at all times. Then, you are sure that you will not have to deal with a vehicle that is stalling in the middle of the road.

Have the professionals take a look at the brakes. You need to have a really good mechanic check the brakes so you are sure that they working perfectly fine. Remember that the safety of your car can depend immensely on the brakes. This is why you need to see to it that you are able to get it checked on the regular so you can trust that it works on those instances that you need it to work.

You will find that it is actually going to be cost efficient off you to have the vehicle checked and serviced on a regular basis. The reason for this is because it will be a lot easier for the mechanics to resolve a problem in the vehicle before it has actually escalated into something serious. When vehicle issues are detected long before they have actually started to escalate, you will find that you can save a ton of money in the process. After all, you get to easily avid seem very costly repairs as a result.

For this purpose, you will want to if d the right providers with the right qualifications to extend their assurance to you. It is important that you choose right since not every single one of these providers is expected to deliver the right services to you. This is a very good tie for you too to take a look around look for those that offer the kind of services that you are looking for so you can trust that they will not make such a disappointing choice if you are to go ahead and take your car to them for servicing every time.